Beat Club was formed in 2009 by Mark Ranasinghe (keys) and Steve Boon (guitar).  They worked quickly as a songwriting partnership and wrote material which blended funk and soul with rock and even prog influences. They added bass and drums and performed a number of gigs around North London as an instrumental four-piece, where their meandering chord progressions and multi-layered soundscapes received positive reviews.

For various reasons, the band then entered a period of flux.  Mark and Steve remained, but there were many personnel changes and musicians and vocalists came and went. During this time, the sound slowly evolved, changing emphasis, losing many of the prog rock elements, while retaining some of Mark’s interest in song structure and pattern. It became more groove orientated, being variously described as ‘dirty funk’, ‘sleazy disco’ or ‘tortured soul’.

The present line up began to take shape in May 2011 when Mark Turley joined on drums. The additions of Andy Celso on bass, Cody Hanby on percussion / harmonica and the heartbreaking voice and songwriting ability of Kaisle Grai, create a band of diverse influences who combine positive energy with raw honesty to make music that has had listeners desribing it as anything from ‘a wave of serenity’ to ‘jumping funk’.


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